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Viking Expedition specializes in trekking, adventure tours and expeditions in South America.

We have our Scandinavian staff living permanently in Lima and Cusco, Peru, Quito, Ecuador and in Torres del Paine, Chile.

Apart from the tours described on this site, we can custom make any tour, trek or expedition you want.alternate path and routes to the great Inca ruins.

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    Our Team

    Meet our team in Scandinavia and South America

    Hans Erik Rasmussen

    Hans is the founder of Viking Expedition. He has been living in Argentina og Peru for 6 years and spends a great part of the year exploring our destinations in South America. He lives outside Copenhagen.

    Christian Peña

    Christian is the owner of our trekking agency in Cusco. He is a master of logistics and works part time as a trekking guide. Christian has been doing trips with Hans and Calle since 2004.

    Klara Rasmussen

    Klara is working at the office in Denmark. She has travelled in South America since she was eight years old - she is the daughter of Hans. She takes care of administration and talks to clients while Hans is on the road.

    Calle Granholm

    Calle is Danish and lives just south of Lima, Peru where he owns a beautifull hotel with views to the Pacific. He has lead more than 100 treks and cultural trips in South America, and is our guide on some group tours.

    Giulierno Bernardon

    Giulierno is a Brazilian photographer living i Cuiabá, the gateway to the Pantanal. He organizes our tours in the Pantanal. He runs his own lodge in the Pantanal.

    Dorthe Beldal

    Dorthe is Danish and has been living for almost 10 years just outside the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. She is the organizer of our tours and treks in Chilean Patagonia.