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Viking Expedition specializes in trekking, adventure tours and expeditions in South America.

We have our Scandinavian staff living permanently in Lima and Cusco, Peru, Quito, Ecuador and in Torres del Paine, Chile.

Apart from the tours described on this site, we can custom make any tour, trek or expedition you want.alternate path and routes to the great Inca ruins.

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    Expeditions we’ve accomplished

    Expeditions we've accomplished for clients

    ``Jagten på den skjulte by`` for Pipeline Production / TV2-Denmark

    In 2019 Hans Erik Rasmussen and Christian Peña organised a 5-week expedition for a Danish film crew. Christian also acted as their guide. The story of the 4-episode serie was the search for Paititi, the legendary, but never found inca city in the jungle of Peru. The serie ``Jagten på den skjulte by`` - The search for the hidden city`` was screened on TV2-Danmark February 2020, and can på seen on TV2-Play, Denmark.

    Our own Expeditions

    Research trip for two books

    In 2003 Hans Erik Rasmussen and Calle Granholm travelled through to central part of Peru, to catch information for the third volume of Hans’ guidebook “Turen går til Peru og Bolivia” for Politikens Forlag, Denmark. Tales from the road became part of Hans’ book Eventyrlige rejser i Peru.

    Two months among the yanomami people in the Venezuelan part of the Amazon

    In 1994 Hans Erik Rasmussen and three fellow adventurers spend two months in three different yanomami villages in Venezuela. Hans' aim was to catch information to a book about indigenous people.